What We Do

  • We supply train hobby enthusiasts with CAD models or data from 3-D scans for parts of full-sized trains in South Eastern Pennsylvania area. Our preferred site is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA. The collections managers granted permission to scan any train in their collection. See their web site for lists of engines and rolling stock. No one else has this permission. Areas roughly 10 feet square can be scanned at 0.1 inch resolution.
  • We provide low cost 3-D laser scanning and reverse engineering services for parts shipped to us via UPS. Normal part size is about 15 pounds or less and 12 inches in the longest dimension. We take a scan of your part with around 0.010 inch accuracy. Then, we send you this data, extracted profile data and/or a complete CAD model back to you. We typically model small, metal, odd shaped sand or investment castings that are hard to directly measure. Other applications for this service include duplicating hand-fabricated parts directly using a 3-D printer.
  • Our complete SolidWorks® CAD models can also be supplied with straight, flat and concentric surfaces where the part may have shrunk or warped due to the casting process.  The amount of ”truing up” we do can be specified by you.
  • We can produce SolidWorks® models directly from 2-D drawings provided there is enough information.
 Problem/Situation  What we do
Engineering staff is unavailable and a casting vendor is asking for CAD models or drawings. Provide a complete SolidWorks® model and drawings of the part.

Physical part is impractical or impossible to dimension using conventional tools (calipers, gages, etc.)

No scanning or CMM equipment available.

We scan the part and build the completed CAD SolidWorks® model for you.
3-D CAD software and operators available, but not able to handle large data clouds.


Part impractical to measure with available equipment.
Provide simplified data and cross-section profiles of part so client can finish CAD model at reduced cost.

Engineering Staff is unavailable.


Part unavailable to ship or measure.


Existing 2-D drawing is available.

Develop SolidWorks® model from prints and detailed pictures.