Pricing, Terms and Conditions
  1. WHITE POWDER SPRAY - WE WILL ASK YOU FIRST: We need to spray a white dry talc powder on parts that have black finishes, deep interior features or parts that have machined/polished surfaces. It normally cleans off with just compressed air or a dry paint brush. We may need to use a liquid on the brush to clean off the remainder for rough surfaces (e.g. unpainted sand castings, cracking black paint.) We use light oil if the part is metal. For parts containing plastic or rubber, we use water and immediately completely dry the part off with a hair dryer. We will discuss this over the phone or via email when we look at the part pictures before we quote the job. If we find out we need to spray the part later because of scanning problems, we will call you first. Let us know if you want to clean the part off yourself.
  2. LOOSE PAINT MAY FLAKE OFF WITH WHITE POWDER REMOVAL: Sometimes loose paint comes off when we remove the powder (if we put it on your part.) We will use compressed air, a dry paint brush or if needed a liquid (water/light oil as described above.) We are not responsible for loose paint chips becoming detached. Again, please tell us if you want to remove the powder yourself.
  3. PRICING ON WEBSITE IS A GUIDE: There is pricing data in the project description sections of the web site to aid in getting a ballpark feel for the pricing for your project. We do this because individuals order from JG Conversions, LLC as well as businesses. Remember that the industry standard pricing rules such as quantity discounts for good customers and lower prices when we are not busy still occur, so use the prices in the website as a guide. The best way to get the most accurate price is to ask for a quote!
  4. PAYMENT TERMS: The payment terms are net 30 days, with a 2% discount if paid within 10 days of the invoice date. We will send an invoice for your first job after it is completed and you are satisfied with the model. Established customers are billed following job satisfaction at the end of the calendar month.
  5. OK TO CANCIL WORK AFTER GETTING A PHYSICAL PART PRODUCTION ESTIMATE: We can better estimate the rapid prototype production costs of the final product as soon as we can estimate the volume of the part. Our company does not actually produce the physical parts (yet). We realize customers want to know the production costs before spending any money on our modeling. If you decide it’s too expensive for our modeling services when we tell you the production cost, that’s fine. Keep us in mind for your next job. We just figure out the cost based on our estimated cubic volume of the part and the prices published at You can too. Other production methods or companies besides Shapeways, if possible, are sometimes cheaper, but require the completed CAD model before you can get a quote from the vendor.
  6. PICTURES OF YOUR PART ON WEBPAGE FOR DISCOUNT ONLY IF YOU OK: We like to put pictures of your part along with descriptive text in our project log. We would also like to put the name of the company and/or cross post a link to your website. We will offer a significant discount on the modeling job. JG Conversions, LLC does not share or publish any information unless specifically authorized by the customer. We can sign (and abide by) a non-disclosure agreement. Please contact us if interested either way.
  7. POSSIBLE COPYWRITE INFRINGEMENTS: All people submitting parts for modeling or other services from JG Conversions, LLC acknowledge that they have legal rights to the design of the parts or materials given to JG Conversions, LLC. We reserve the right to refuse a job if we think there is an issue with legal rights or copyright infringements. (There are no problems with scanning and making CAD models for later fabrication of old trains. In fact, JG Conversions, LLC has obtained permission to do scans of all the trains in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.)
  8. MODEL ACCURACY AND CORRECTIONS FOR FREE: We will do our best to accurately model the part/object and will correct any inaccuracies discovered by the customer later for free. You have at least 30 days to review our CAD model/data prior to giving your OK and getting an invoice. We will fix any errors at no charge after this date once we are done our other current jobs. JG Conversions, LLC will not be held liable for any problems resulting from the use of the replicated part or design from any inaccuracies.

    We normally don't work with or charge for "Aerospace Quality" absolute accuracy. Please discuss you accuracy requirements with us and this can be guaranteed in the quote.
  9. SAFETY REVIEW BY QUALIFIED PERSON: Where there is a possibility of any safety issues, the resulting part and its intended use should, of course, be reviewed by a qualified person who is familiar with the specified application.